4 Easy Licks That Sound Hard (Senri Kawaguchi)

Senri Kawaguchi is not only one of Japan’s premier drummers, but she’s received global acclaim for her technique and prowess starting from a very young age. In this clip taken from Senri’s Drumeo course, she breaks down four of her favorite licks. One cool thing to note is how she tends to give each..

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How To Be A Supernatural Drummer

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There are thousands of drummers out there. Probably hundreds of thousands, in fact. And all this time you might be thinking, “I’m a little bit different. I’m me. And I haven’t seen enough content out there that really speaks to me as a unique player.”
That’s why today ..

Domino Santantonio: The Happiest Drummer On TikTok

“I decided just to be myself.” Domino Santantonio has been playing drums for quite a while, and doing so professionally touring with Roxane Bruneau and being called for studio sessions. She recently, however, became noticed by millions of people due to TikTok. One day she made a 15-second drum cover..

6 Reasons To Love Lars Ulrich

If someone asked you which drummer you think gets the most hate, there’s a good chance you’d say Lars Ulrich. Drummers already get the butt end of the stick when it comes to musician jokes, but people love to hate on Lars, and Ash Pearson is here to ask Ulrich-haters to reconsider. Here are six reas..